Valley/Seaway Homes Monthly published its first magazine in 1989.  After more than 30 years, we continue to grow our area of distribution, allowing maximum exposure for the wide variety of properties we advertise.

A lot has changed in 30 years, but our magazine continues to be read by thousands of people every single month. You don’t need a device, a wifi password or data to find the information you are looking for. However, every listing in the magazine can be seen by clicking on “agent listings”.  When you find the agent, you will be directly routed to their listings.

Drive through this area and you will see right away that it is rich with heritage and charm. We are located between two of Canada’s greatest cities and within an hour of the border. Head in any direction and you will find a lake or river within 20 minutes. It is no wonder that Real Estate continues to remain stable, strong and extremely desirable in all of our communities.

You can find your free copy of the magazine displayed by the first Monday of every month everywhere we feature as well as the outlying areas.

For advertising rates please contact me.  I personally answer every call, email and text.

Tanya Sweeney-Crosbie: 613-264-0462 or email at:

We work here, we live here. We know local, because we are local.